Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daria leaning forward

2 day pose - oil on linen

Here is one of the paintings I made during the Max Ginsburg workshop held March 7-11 2011 at the Art Students League. I was lucky enough to be the monitor for this workshop. It was my first time monitoring a class on my own and I had a great time! It was also my first time using a linen painting surface, I loved the finer texture!

Esteban & Leticia August 2010

I just noticed that I never posted the final of this painting that I did last summer.

What I learned from this painting:

1. Never paint this much black in a painting because it creates a horrible glare.

2. Painting more than one person from life that are constantly making tiny shifts is a nightmare. For example the cast shadow on his back was always different and I ended up painting it over a ton of times.

3. Wear a hat so you don't get a headache from staring up at lights.

4. Know when to quit before it gets overworked and boring.